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Re: RFS: trac (updated package)

Hello there!

thanks for looking at trac!

You can see that I am listed as one of the maintainers. The only contact
i have with others is just with otavio, that made my uploads, but he is
occupied mostly in the d-i team and he does not use trac anymore.
(you can see by history, that other have disappeared from trac.

I was told by otavio he would not mind to have me sponsored by other DD.

So, because i want to have this version available for testing, i decided
to ask for a sponsored upload to experimental.

Thank you again,

Luis Matos

Qui, 2008-08-07 às 10:47 +0200, Michael Tautschnig escreveu:
> Hi Luis,
> [...] (trac uploaded to mentors)
> It seems that trac is team-maintained, and some members of the team are indeed
> DDs. So, why don't these sponsor the upload? I'd offer to take a look at the
> package and sponsor the upload if it looks alright, but just don't want to
> interfere with the team.
> Best,
> Michael

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