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Re: RFS: rsplib

OoO Peu avant le début de l'après-midi du mercredi 16 juillet 2008, vers
13:20, Thomas Dreibholz <dreibh@iem.uni-due.de> disait :

> We are looking for a sponsor for our package "rsplib", a lightweight framework 
> for server pool management, load distribution and balancing.

> * Package name    : rsplib
>   Version         : 2.5.0~beta9-0unstable2
>   Upstream Author : Thomas Dreibholz <dreibh@iem.uni-due.de>
> * URL             : http://tdrwww.iem.uni-due.de/dreibholz/rserpool/
> * License         : GPL, version 3
>   Section : net

Hi Thomas!

Before working  on a package,  you should file  an ITP to  let everybody
knows that you are working on it. You should then close this ITP in your
changelog entry.

In  debian/control,  update  Standards-Version  to 3.8.0  which  is  the

rsplib was  packaged for oldstable. You  might want to  provide users an
upgrade path.  Binary packages  were rsplib1 and rsplib-dev.  You should
at  least  conflict/replace  them.   You  might  also  want  to  provide
transition  packages for  them.   However, since  the  package has  been
removed for quite some time, this may be unecessary.

Your short  description is too long. It  should fit in one  line. Try to
shorten it.

Why  is  rsplib-fgp-cfgfiles  a  separate  package? If  those  are  only
examples, they should be in  rsplib-services. Moreover, if you keep this
package, it should be Arch: all instead of Arch: any.

You should call ldconfig in postinst and postrm (see 8.1.1)

rsplib-doc.* seem bogus.

rsplib-tools  provide  binaries with  generic  names  like "server"  and
"terminal". This will  likely be rejected by ftp-masters  since they are
likely to create some conflict. You should rename them to something less
generic like "rsp-server" and "rsp-terminal".

In debian/rules, you  can safely removes handling of  noopt option since
this is handled automatically by dpkg-buildpackage.
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