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Re: RFS: atmailopen (2nd attempt - updated description)

OoO En  cette fin de  matinée radieuse du  samedi 05 juillet  2008, vers
11:52, Giuseppe Iuculano <giuseppe@iuculano.it> disait :

> * Package name    : atmailopen
>   Version         : 1.01-1
>   Upstream Author : @Mail <info@atmail.org>
> * URL             : http://www.atmail.org/
> * License         : Apache License Version 2.0
>   Section : web

Hi Giuseppe!

Some    files     have    a    different     license.    For    example,
libs/Atmail/spellChecker.php. The license given  as URL is non-free. You
will  need to  work with  upstream  to sort  this out.  Check all  files
individually. The license which is in the headers is more important than
the one in LICENSE file.

You  introduce a debconf  templates. I  see that  you already  have some
translations. However,  I don't find  your call for  translations. Until
lenny  is  released, this  is  better  to  ask for  translations  before
releasing new debconf templates:

You  may  also  want  to  ask  debian-l10n-english@  to  proofread  your
templates before asking for translation. This will be done at some point
in the future, so doing it now will ease translators work.

Setting global  aliases is considered harmful, you  should comment alias
declaration in  your apache.conf. The  user will have to  uncomment this
directive. This  ensures that nothing bad happens  when someone installs
atmail. See for example:

conf/Config.php is really  huge. You could split it  in several files if
some  parts are  more  likely to  be  modified by  the  user than  other
ones. This way,  if a user will modify  only a small part of  a file, he
won't have  to read a big  diff. At least  PHP functions at the  end are
good candidates to be put in another file, IMO.

In the long description, what does  "PHP source code" means. If it means
that AtMail is open source, you can just remove it.

Since  AtMail will  write in  /usr/share/atmailopen/users, it  should be
placed  in /var/lib/atmailopen  instead.  AtMail should  work with  /usr
being mounted as read-only.

You  still support  web servers  that are  not part  of  Debian (apache,
apache-ssl, apache-perl) any more. Some people don't like this. You ship
a configuration for lighttpd but does not propose to install it. You can
look at roundcube package for some hints about this.

Moreover, you modify the configuration of the web servers without asking
the user first. This is bad.  You should add a debconf question.  If you
take the one from roundcube, you can save some translations too. :)

In postrm, you should remove web server configuration files on purge.

The database  can be  remote (this is  handled by  dbconfig-common). You
should only suggests mysql-server  and depends on mysql-client (which is
needed for dbconfig-common operations).
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