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Re: Prospective package - Redmine #478741

Hello Richard,

I would suggest to read the New Maintainers' Guide 
First its important to ensure that Redmine is not conflicting with the Debian
Free Software Guidelines (DFSG). See 2.1 of the DFSG.
If its not conflicting you can send a ITP (Intent To Package) message so that 
everyone knows you are working on the package.
After that play and enjoy to create the package.

I hope I havent forget anything. I am also just a beginning package builder.


On Tuesday 08 July 2008, Richard Hurt wrote:
> I would like to assist in the packaging of the Redmine Project
> Management system.  My company is wanting to create a product around
> Redmine and building a Debian package is the best means to do this.  I
> am not a DD but have been a user/admin for several years.  This would
> be my first official foray into the world of package creation and need
> some guidance about how to proceed.
> How do I go about getting Redmine packaged up and into the Debian
> repository?
> Thanx!
>    Richard

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