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Re: RFS: yabause - Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator

OoO Vers la fin de l'après-midi du dimanche 06 juillet 2008, vers 16:42,
Evgeni Golov <sargentd@die-welt.net> disait :

>> Does   free  games   exist?   If   not,  you   should  put   yabause  in
>> contrib. Moreover,  a ROM seems to  be needed. Maybe  you should explain
>> what is needed to run a game in README.Debian.

> Yes, free games exist, see my second mail, and here:
> http://vieille.merde.free.fr/
> And no, a BIOS ROM is not needed (it may be needed for some commercial
> games, but usually the bios emulation of Yabause is enough).

You should  mention it  in README.Debian. ftp-master  will ask  the same
questions, I think.
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