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Submit a bug report known to be blocked by another bug

Howdy all,

When submitting a bug to <submit@bugs.debian.org>, the instructions at
<URL:http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting> show some of the control
that can be operated by fields in the pseudo-header of the bug report

One aspect of the bug I can't see represented there is the 'blocked
by' property. I would like to be able to submit a bug with the
information that it is blocked by another; often I know this at the
time I'm submitting the bug report, so it would be good to put that in
the pseudo-header at submit time.

As it stands, all it seems I can do is to wait for the BTS to report
my bug number, and only then can I hunt down the information on what
bugs this new bug is blocked by, and 'bts block $NEWBUG by $OLDBUG_A

Is there a way to do this when submitting the bug report?

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