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RFS: python-sclapp and pytagsfs (new packages)


I am looking for a long-term sponsor for sclapp, a python module and
pytagsfs, a FUSE filesystem application.  These are new packages [1] [2]
that I ITPed.

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/472769
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/471971

python-sclapp is a Python module that makes it easy to write
well-behaved command-line applications and helps authors deal with
issues like signal handling, terminal character encodings, standard
output failures (broken pipes) etc.  It is necessary to use pytagsfs.

pytagsfs is a FUSE filesystem that arranges media files in a virtual
directory structure based on the file tags.  A set of audio files could
be mapped to a new directory structure organizing them hierarchically by
album, genre, release date, etc.  File tags can be changed by moving and
renaming virtual files and directories.  The virtual files can be
modified, opened and played just like regular files.

I've added Debian Python Modules Team and Python Applications Packaging
Team to as uploaders of sclapp and pytagsfs respectively.  sclapp is
already in the python-modules SVN, and even though pytagsfs has the
Vcs-* fields in debian/control I haven't yet committed it to python-apps
SVN (I will do that as soon as I am added to the python-apps alioth

pytagsfs is lintian clean but sclapp has one warning that I consider a
non-issue (CHANGELOG is the older ChangeLog file, now replaced by the
NEWS file upstream).

The packages are available at http://www.appaji.net/foss/debian/ (since
mentors.debian.net is down, I am using my personal web space).

dget http://www.appaji.net/foss/debian/sclapp_0.5.1-1.dsc
dget http://www.appaji.net/foss/debian/pytagsfs_0.5.0-1.dsc

These are my first python packages, comments are welcome.



Y Giridhar Appaji Nag | http://www.appaji.net/

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