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Re: RFS: libemail-find-perl and libhtml-fromtext-perl bug fix update.

On Saturday 22 March 2008, Roberto C. Sánchez, @soul.brand.lan wrote:
> > 
> Francesco,
Hello Roberto,
> Let me encourage you to put your packages into the Debian Perl Group's
> repository.  Information can be found here:
> http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/
> You simply need an Alioth account and to send an email to the group's
> mailing list requsting commit access to teh svn repo.
> The advantage of doing that is you can simply mark your package as ready
> for release and then one of the DDs participating in the group will
> simply sponsor your package for you.  No need to upload anywhere.  No
> need to request sponsorship.
thanks for the information.
> Regards,
> -Roberto

Francesco Cecconi 
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