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Re: RFS: mother

Antonio De Luci wrote:

> I have followed your advice, please check the new package.

 * debian/control seems to have lost its Homepage field. Cyril suggested
   that you use the dedicated field, which means:

     Source: mother
     Section: python
     Standards-Version: 3.7.3
     Homepage: http://example.com/

 * The long description in debian/rules (ie. the text beginning "Mother is
   a Python module...") seems to contain a few spelling, gramatical and
   formatting errors.

   I would also suggest you split the description into a couple of
   paragraphs. This is possible by:

      |Description: foo bar baz
      | First paragraph.
      | Second paragraph

 * Should you really be depending on "python-psycopg2 | python-apsw"? I
   would guess that these should be Recommends instead.
 * README.Debian seems to contain instructions on how to build the Debian
   package, which seems somewhat superfluous and not-very-useful for
   users. I would suggest completely removing this file.

 * debian/copyright: Please don't "anti-spam" email addresses, it makes
   searching extremely difficult.


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