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Re: bits from the DMs/NMs/AMs?

>  Right now one applicant has waited 8 months for DAM approval, but
>  that may be due to reasons not documented in the DAM/FD Comments section.

I'm that person.  I'm some disappointed with the process (not with
Debian, I love Debian), mainly because I don't receive any type of
commentary or feedback.  Would be nice to receive some comment (indeed
I sent a email to da-manager@debian.org, but I didn't receive

Meanwhile I try to be positive. I continue to learn day to day during
this eight months (sending patches to QA, packaging my programs,
adopting new packages, looking for sponsors, etc)  ;)
but yeah, one process more interactive would be nice.


Anibal Avelar (FixXxeR) http://fixxxer.cc
GPG: 83B64656 - C143 4AD8 B017 53FA B742 D6AA CEEA F9F3 83B6 4656

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