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Re: RFS: mother

On 22/03/2008, Antonio De Luci wrote:
> * Package name    : mother
>   Version         : 0.6.4-r4
>   Upstream Author : Federico Tomassini - Efphe <effettom@gmail.com>
> * URL             : http://www.dbmother.org/

Please remove the homepage from the long description, there's a
dedicated “Source” field for that.

The long description could be reformatted, so that you leave empty
lines, or keep everything in a single paragraph, instead of just going
back to the beginning of the next line.

The Depends: on psycopg2 looks buggy. Shouldn't it be python-psycopg2

> It builds these binary packages:
> python-mother - Mother is an Object Relational Mapper with strong introspection
> Description:Mother is an Object Relational Mapper with strong introspection

Don't write “foo - foo is a bar” in the short description. “Object
Relational Mapper with…” looks better (although I'm not a native English
speaker anyway).

> The package appears to be lintian clean.

| kibi@waity:~/tmp/mother-0.6.4$ lintian -i -I
| ../mother_0.6.4-r4_i386.changes | wc -l
| 31

Why is the revision -r4 anyway? Should be just -4.

Also, your diff is empty. Shouldn't you be building a Debian native
package if you're including your debian/ directory in the original
tarball? Anyway, I'll recommend *not* doing so, and keeping debian/
outside of the tarball, not building a Debian native package.


Cyril Brulebois

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