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Re: libqt3-compat-header upgrade of qgfe

* Giorgio Pioda <gfwp@ticino.com> [2008-03-20 11:02:40 +0100]:

> Hi mentors,
> I'm upgrading my qgfe package as requested to remove the 
> libqt3-compat-header dependency and after packaging lintian complains 
> about the fact that the version nummer is the same as the previous.
> Here my question:
> Appling the patch I got from the libqt3 mantainer means that the 
> qgfe-1.0 should become a qgfe-1.1 version number? Or is it better to 
> call it qgfe-1.0-2 and ignore lintian warning?
> It isn't an upstream source update, but the patch I got touches the sources ...
> Giorgio Pioda


Since you are the maintainer, all you need to change for debian packaging
updates is increment the debian revision by one, so your package's version
would become qgfe-1.0-2. Run "dch -i" in your top source directory and this
will happen automatically.



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