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Re: ltp package in Debian

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 02:33:47AM +0100, Ji?í Pale?ek wrote:
> Hello,
> I have noticed the bugginess of this package too, while I was looking at  
> it when I needed to test some modifications of the Linux kernel. In order 
> to accomplish the task, I created my own package of 20080131 (based on 
> the Debian package, but heavily changed).
> The package itself is an unmaintainable beast, mostly because the 
> upstream code is a mixture of seemingly unrelated projects, using 
> different environment (Makefile/autoconf, C/Java/Python etc.). Moreover, 
> the C code is somewhat buggy, and the Makefiles lack really working 
> install target (and there are zillions of them). Anyway, the package I 
> have at least allows running the tests (ie. the majority of kernel tests 
> - I haven't tested the network tests etc.).
> Therefore, I think that packaging every (monthly?) release is a bit  
> unrealistic. Still, it would be nice to have ltp in Debian.
> Can I do something to help it? I'm not a DD nor any other two-letter  
> acronym of that sort :-)

I'm forwarding your mail to the debian-mentors mailing list.

Mentors, please see #470091 for details.


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