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Re: RFS: uniconvertor

I demand that Andreas Wenning may or may not have written...

> On Fri, 2008-03-14 at 01:20 -0200, Mauro Lizaur wrote:
>> The binary name is uniconv, I think it should be uniconvertor

> The problem is, that inkscape directly uses the name "uniconv". If the
> executable is renamed to uniconvertor, inkscape won't pick its existence
> up. So should I change the package name to uniconvertor, and make uniconv
> also work (via symlink)? Or should I just keep the name as uniconv.

If it should be changed, I think that I'd choose to symlink it, file a bug
against inkscape, then (after lenny is released) kill the symlink and have
the package break or conflict with older (presently current) inkscape.

I'd probably go with what a DD says, though. :-)

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