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Re: RFS: blueproximity

On lun, 2008-03-10 at 23:44 +0100, Leo "costela" Antunes wrote:
> Francesco Namuri wrote:
> > Hi Leo,
> > thanks for the interest... :)
> Thanks for the quick action! :)
> > Why not, in this moment, I'm very busy so the help is very appreciated,
> > I've added you to uploaders...
> Thanks!
> Package uploaded. You should receive the usual emails shortly.

thanks again... :)

> Just a small cosmetic change you might want to talk to the Bluetooth
> team about: putting you on the Uploaders field and the
> pkg-bluetooth-mainteiners on the Maintainer field, in keeping with what
> the guys there are already using, and since it makes little practical
> difference. I didn't want to intrude into anything you guys might have
> already talked about, but it seemed like a nice step to integrate it
> with the team.

thanks for the tip, this is a correction that we can make in the next
upload... In the first version of the package I've followed you
suggestion, but after some troubles with the svn I've changed wrongly
the Maintainer field... :\


Francesco Namuri
francesco(at)namuri(dot)it   http://namuri.it/
id gpg key: 21A4702A         accipiter@jabber.org

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