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Re: RFS: QA Upload: synce-dccm -- Daemon to keep a connection to your WinCE device up

Romain Beauxis wrote:
Le Sunday 09 March 2008 07:24:03 Barry deFreese, vous avez écrit :

	Hi !

Here is a QA upload for synce-dccm that fixes 1 RC bug.  If someone has
time to review/upload I would appreciate it.

Sorry, but I don't understand your workflow.
Shoudln't you finish previous QA RFS on jack-tools ?

At least I wouldn't sponsor you or spend another time checking this package if you don't show me the I didn't lost my time previously...


I'm waiting for a fix for jackd before continuing with jack-tools. One of the .la files in jackd is what is bringing in /usr/lib64.


Barry deFreese

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