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RFS: tcng (updated) -- 4 bugs including RC


I am still looking for a sponsor for tcng; either long-term or one-shot.  If
someone would bother to review and/or upload the package, it would be great. 
One of outstanding bugs is RC, and it has been waiting for an upload for
quite some time.

One question: newest lintian complains about doc-base section being "net". 
Too bad, there's nothing appropiate in "Network/", and the closest match I
could find was "System/Administration".  Where would you put a language for
managing traffic shapers?

Version: 10b-2 (unstable has 10b-1)
Description: Linux traffic control language interpreter
 Using /sbin/tc (to configure Linux network traffic flow control) is
 painful. This package attempts to reduce the pain with two new input
 languages (one for humans, and XML ;-). The output is XML, or /sbin/tc
 commands to configure the kernel.
dget: http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/t/tcng/tcng_10b-2.dsc

Cheers and schtuff!
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