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Re: bits from the DMs/NMs/AMs?

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Paul Wise wrote:
> If you are in NM, a DM, an AM, just having packages sponsored by DDs or
> maybe recently became a DD, I'd love to hear from you.


For the reason which I choose debian because it is the high quality
distro that I ever met. Since I use for every work and try to learn to
help the communities whatever I can do. In Thailand, there are only a
few people that doing somethings for free software communities. I think
the only way that I can do now is start the stuffs by myself first and
then advise the others. Therefore I make a consideration to apply the
application for NM, and will learn the debian process, despite my little
experience must be sharpened and need to learn a lot from kindly
sponsors and also other DDs.

For the package that I maintain now is the xiterm+thai which had removed
from debian, but it's the adventure to bring it back. For a few weeks
ago, I have studied a lot of exciting things from my sponsor and I hope
that this point is the good starting point to be a part of the power
distro that helpful for others and also Thai people.

In my mind, there some free softwares which I want to package,
especially Thai free softwares, such as Thai dictionary and etc.

Finally, I hope that someday I will go to a DebConf which it is the
great conference.

Best regards,

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Neutron Soutmun

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