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Re: RFS: nettee

On Sat 23 Feb 08 14:02, Patrick Schoenfeld wrote:
>On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 11:46:27PM -0300, Joel Franco wrote:
>> A long description is really difficult because the 2 words say all :)
>no, they don't. Imagine you would be someone who is interested in
>cloning a system, but you never heard about tee or netcat. How could the
>maintainer of such a program as nettee is, have written the description for
>you to find it? BTW. have a look at the manpage. IMHO the description
>which is used their is a good starting point.

Ok. You are right when you say that the name of the package must get
attention when someone is searching something like this. This approach
follow the actual Debian package recomendations.

However, if you look ate the Debian available packages today, you will
see that the most do not follow that recommendation.

Well, i have changed the nettee short description.

>> >	- lacks a Homepage header to indicate the homepage. See [1]
>> done
>Please move it to the source package part of the package, for example
>after the maintainer line.


>> >- debian/copyright
>> >	- Some copyright holders are missing in that file
>> Sorry. i did not understand.
>> It's the original copyright missing? i have include it.
>> my copyright too?
>Well, the debian/copyright needs to contain the copyright of each
>copyright holder, each file and every differing license. If I do a rgrep
>-i '(c)' in the package source directory I still find copyrights that
>are not mentioned in your copyright file.

:) now i understand. i made it.

>> >	- Its a good idea to include a "On Debian systems the license text
>> >	  can be found.." notice to the license of the software, because the
>> >	  link in the "packaging is licensed as following"-text looks like
>> >	  it *is* for the packaging only on ordinary people IMHO.
>> I have included your text to precede the file location.
>No. What I meant is soemthing like this:
><.. License Excerpt ..>
>On Debian Systems the complete text of the ... License can be found in
>The Debian packaging is ...

Sorry, but it isn't still very clear to me. I understand that the
copyright file must refer to the Debian license files in a generic way
and not in a particular way to this package.

>> I'tried to do it, but i don't have sure that it's correct because it's
>> not clear which data must be in debian/watch. I have included the
>> original upstream version download url.
>See the manpage for uscan. The format of the watch files is well
>documented there.

Right. That's fine and now i understand why it's useful.
I have corrected it now :)

>Well, there are still some comments (besides what I've already written):
>- debian/copyright: Wrap lines after 80 characters
>- debian/rules:
>	- Your CFLAGS are not used. Needs some investigation.

ok. Now it's on $(CC) line. Sorry.

> 	- Its nitpicking, but please remove the useless empty
>  	  whitespaces at some line endings (e.g. line 33 and 38)

Wow. You are really very detail alert :)

>- debian/changelog: Needs some work. Changelog entries are not as they
>  should be. See [1] for some instructions.

i'd read that, i'm more conscious about that and have changed somethings.
However, i have to maintain the minimal changes mentionated because it's one of
my first packages.

>- debian/docs: includes beowulf.master which does not seem to be a
>  document, but instead an example. See the manpage for
>  dh_installexamples on how to install examples
very good. there be too the pdist* files now included in examples.
>- debian/README.Debian is still in the package. Remember that I and Paul told
>  you, that its content is not really what the README.Debian is for.

i don't know which is the better way to fix this issue: i should send it to the
upstream author or I should rename it to something reflecting the my particular

>- debian/watch: No thats wrong. See the uscan manpage.

Patrick, one more time THANK YOU.

I will try to be more active in the mail exchange.


>Best Regards,

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