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how to make a binary-indep package?

I have a collection of files that I wish to put into a debian package.
none need compilation as they are just scripts and config files and
there is no Makefile of any kind.  From my reading, I've made a .tar
file with my directory structure in it then run dh_make and then
edited the control file to suit and changing Architecture: to 'all'.

I've then edited the rules file so that only binary-indep is called.
I've removed the build portion of that line even and have it just down
to 'install'. The problem is that even install wants to call a 'make
... install' on my package to install it but there's no make file or
anything, just a tar file with some files. So, I've commented that
'make ... install' out, too

the problem is that no debian/files file is ever created so
dpkg-genchanges errors out and the .changes file is never made and
.deb is never built.

is there an example of a rules file for this case somewhere?


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