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ITS: ifplugd (updated package) -- ITA and multiple bugs fixed


Am 2.3.2008 schrieb "Y Giridhar Appaji Nag" <giridhar@appaji.net>:

>I am looking for a long-term sponsor for version 0.28-5 of ifplugd that
>I filed an ITA for.  ifplugd is a configuration daemon for ethernet
>devices.  It will configure your ethernet device when a cable is plugged
>in and de-configure it if the cable is pulled out.  It is useful on
>PS: I am on a weak internet link, a bit busy and not subscribed to
>debian-mentors since a few days, so please Cc: me on responses and
>expect a delay of a day or two before you hear back from me.

Since I'm a regular user of ifplugd, I intend to sponsor your package as
soon as I have the time for it -- hopefully that should be latest on

Yours sincerely,

PS:  If anyone else intents to sponsor ifplugd:  Feel free ;)

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