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Re: unable to reproduce FTBFS of 459028

> <posted & mailed>
> Hi all,
>     Recently there was an FTBFS bug #459028 on texmacs 1: There
> has also been an NMU to fix that. However, I am unable to reproduce it on
> my machine and I am perplexed as to what I am doing wrong.
> The build proceeds without any errors. Could someone help me out as to what
> I am doing wrong? My gut feeling is that an NMU was performed on texmacs
> but the actual bug is in some other package (gcc?). Can someone confirm?
> Should I revert the NMU?

To me it seems that there has been some problem in the g++ STL code in that it
used a dynamic_cast, which probably shouldn't be used in the STL. Judging from
my sid installation here, this is apparently not there anymore in current g++

In my opinion you should indeed revert the NMU and close the bug (without a
version number).


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