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Re: RFS: QA Uploade -- tkgate 1.8.7-1 - Event driven digital circuit simulator with Tcl/Tk


* Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net> [080218 02:44]:

> It includes a new upstream (fixes an RC bug)

Would have been nice to mention which bug ;)

> and some significant  re-packaging.  It is also complaining about a
> large /usr/share, so I'm  wondering if it should be split into a -data
> package or something?  It  was installing everything under
> usr/lib/<pkg> previously.

At least a -data package should be splitted of; one could even consider
to splitt of the documentation in a sepperate package.

While takling about it, I don't like the places you install your the
files under /usr/share.

While it is okay to install stuff at /usr/share/tkgate-1.8.7, I would
search for the documentation in /usr/share/doc/tkgate/.  The least thing
you should do is to install a symlink in /usr/share/doc/tkgate/.

Uhm... and I just compiled and installed the package.  It doesn't start:
$ tkgate 
TKGate 1.8.7 - Digital Circuit Editor and Simulator (released Jan 29 2007)
[Compiled Feb 18 2008 12:30:16]
Copyright (C) 1987-2007 by Jeffery P. Hansen
  TKGate comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY;  see 'Help...License' menu
  for license and warranty details.  Report problems to hansen@tkgate.org
tkgate: <1.8.7> alex [Linux] (18-Feb-08 13:42) No localized strings for 43 messages.  Use 'tkgate -v' for details. (tkgate.c, line 342)
Error in startup script: couldn't read file "/usr/share/tkgate-1.8.7/scripts/license.tcl": no such file or directory
    while executing
"source $sd/license.tcl"
    (file "/usr/share/tkgate-1.8.7/scripts/tkgate.tcl" line 58)

Indeed, there is no /usr/share/tkgate-1.8.7/scripts/license.tcl, while
the orig.tar.gz contains one.

Oh, you remove it in debian/rules?  Any reason for that?

Looking at the rules-file, I wondered about that:
  # The following line is just here to make lintian happy
  chmod +x $(CURDIR)/debian/tkgate/usr/share/tkgate-1.8.7/scripts/tree.tcl
  chmod +x $(CURDIR)/debian/tkgate/usr/share/tkgate-1.8.7/scripts/elistbox.tcl

While it is not a bug, I think I would have used a lintian override for
that ;)

Other remarks:
- it build depends on tcl8.4 | tcl8.3 (and tk).  AFAIK tcl8.3 is to be
  dropped for lenny, and tcl8.5 is the new standard tcl.  So please
  adjust the build-depends accordingly (see mail send to
  debian-devel-announce a couple of days ago).
- The watchfile is broken
- The URL mentioned in the packages long description has been moved;
  please change that or drop the sentence completly (since the homepage
  is allread mentioned with it's own field).
- debian/copyright is wrong; the files I checked under src/tkgate are
  gpl-2 or later.  I think it should be mentioned that way (and the
  pointer to the common licenses adjusted).

Yours sincerely,

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