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Re: RFS: falconpl package (ITP:Bug#460591); source package

On Feb 14, 2008 4:28 AM, Giancarlo Niccolai <gc@falconpl.org> wrote:

> License proliferation is bad, but it's a lesser evil with respect to
> license fuzziness.
> FPL license is derived from Apache2. Among OSI accepted license,
> Apache2 was the one covering exactly the needs of Falcon  project
> except for two aspects. Embedding and scripting. All the other
> licenses related to programming languages either state prominent
> exceptions with respect to a base license or leave gray areas between
> "derived works" and "embedding applications". The aim of FPL is that
> to respect the principles of openness by requiring source to be
> distributed with derived works, to be released again with the same
> license, and defining clearly what applications using Falcon are not
> subject to this restriction.

Sounds like the FPL just clarifies things/gives extra permissions.
Please submit it (in full) to the legal list and state that it is
derived from the Apache2 licence.



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