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Re: RFS: avant-window-navigator 0.2.1

Julien Lavergne wrote:
Hi Luca,

Thanks for the review.

* It looks like you're shipping a non DFSG-free icon,
  data/avant-window-navigator.svg under CC 2.0 by-sa, as specified by
  its rdf metadata. Please contact upstream and ask him to relicense it
  under a free one (ie. upgrade to CC 3.0). Please mention it in
  debian/copyright too.

I contacted the author, and he is agree to relicence it under CC 3.0.
I included the new svg file and a CC.COPYING file in the orig.tar to
upload it to mentors (maybe it should be rename). I also mentionned it
in debian/copyright.

Yeah, when you repackage the tarball, you should mention that in debian/copyright and name the tarball something like


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