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Re: RFS: ladr and prover9-manual (updated package)


Thanks for your mail and comments, sorry for the delay in replying as
I wasn't subscribed to debian-mentors (subscribed now).

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007 15:54:50 Paul Wise wrote:
> you might want to use quilt or dpatch to manage your changes to the
> upstream source code.

Thanks but I am comfortable doing things this way.

> Don't forget to send manual pages and patches upstream.


> you recommend/suggest prover9-doc (= ${binary:Version}), but
> prover9-doc isn't part of the same source package, so
> ${binary:Version} will never be correct.

> same issue with ${binary:Version}

I'm not sure what to do about these.  I plan to keep the ladr and
prover9-manual version numbers synchronised although I can foresee
problems if I need to bump the debian revision number.  Perhaps I should
use (>= <current version of the other package at time of packaging>)
and update manually?

> hmm, #437944 is for prover9-doc, why the name change?

-doc is the binary package name and conforms with the majority of manual
packages out there [1] whereas -manual is the original tarball name to
be preserved.  I apparently used the wrong title for the bug; now changed.

> move the homepage to a real field
> http://wiki.debian.org/HomepageFieldHOWTO
> configure debian/rules target isn't used, remove it

Done for both

> documentation package description should describe itself rather than

The package it is documenting?  Done.

These changes to become part of 0.0.200712-1 to be posted to the list


[1] $ apt-cache search manual | grep -- -doc | wc -l
$ apt-cache search manual | grep -- -manual | wc -l

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