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Re: Bug#457477: devscripts: [tagpending] Did not tag the bug.

On Mon, 24 Dec 2007, Charles Plessy wrote:

Le Sun, Dec 23, 2007 at 05:11:56PM -0500, Asheesh Laroia a écrit :

My laptop runs an SMTP server on localhost port 25 that, when it receives
mail, opens an SSH tunnel to a machine that *does* know it's ISP's SMTP
server, and talks to that ISP SMTP server over the SSH tunnel.

If you do have a machine like that (a desktop, or a server shell account)
somewhere, then I'm happy to provide more details.

Indeed, I have a Debian box with a properly configured posfix server at
home :) I would be happy to here about the details.

Okay, here goes (CC:ing mentors in case this helps others).


It's long, but it's fairly straightforward and I find it Extremely Worth It. Here's the summary section:


    * inetd listens on port 125
* Connections to it go through an SSH tunnel that executes "nc localhost 25" on some mail server * (Optional) A real MTA runs on the laptop, so that I can send mail when offline; when mail delivery fails temporarily, Postfix queues the message until I get back online.


* Easy. Apps can be configured to use localhost port 25 (or port 125) with no password. * Correct: Postfix (when using 25) handles sending mail when offline, and reattempts delivery for me. * Secure: Encryption all the way through the network, with the icing on the cake that this all looks like SSH, so nosy networkers near your laptop can't even see that's what you're doing.

-- Asheesh.

It's sweet to be remembered, but it's often cheaper to be forgotten.

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