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Help with my first deb package

Hi all, I'm developing a fairly large pure-python application. The 
deployment platform is a Debian system,
and I'd like to build the .deb packages of my app.

The application doesn't have neither a Makefile nor a setup.py file, the 
99% of the code is "private python module"
and I want to make different packages from the same source tree:

    * foo-common
    * foo-server
    * foo-client

I read the "Debian New Maintainers' Guide" and several other python 
related docs, but I still have some doubts:
    1 May python-support or python-central help me if I don't have a 
distutils based setup?
    2 Is it a good idea to start with dh_make?
    3 Do you suggest a CDBS based rules file?

Any suggestion, link or example is very appreciated

thank you


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