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Re: Bug#444514: marked as done (gpredict: FTBFS: error: 'GtkTooltips' undeclared)

schoenfeld / in-medias-res <schoenfeld@in-medias-res.com> (16/10/2007):
> On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 01:18:11AM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> > You might not be aware of [1,2,3]. Reading the (originally) Cc'd
> > bugreport might help…
> You are right. I'm not aware of this. You are irritating me a bit: The
> thread was about 'gpredict', not about wdg-html-validator, hu?


I'm pointing you to the messages in the buglog of the gpredict package,
so that you stop lacking context.

> And as far as I see the maintainer of gpredict is pretty active, so
> the idea to orphan this package and hijack it seems a bit odd.

Did I ever say that? I NMU'd grig, fullstop. And again, I didn't NMU

> That wasn't critism at you, but at Charles for his idea to hijack a
> somewhaat okay maintained package.

I had several things to write, and answering to your mail seemed more
relevant than to Charles'.

> > There's no need to be a DD to answer to a (RC) bugreport. There's no
> > [...]
> With all this points you are right. But it doesn't matter in this
> case, hu?

You might have forgotten you wrote:
> But also if he wasn't a DD there is no reason to ignore the processes
> meant to be used. […]

And I'm defending that I followed that process, since this particular
case is being debated again and again.

> The question is how fair would one be with developers who appearently
> haven't been active on a specific question for a certain amount of
> time. And I say: You could at least *directly* mail the maintainer,
> because if you are just in a situation where you are pretty busy with
> other things (eventually private things) mails from the BTS could be
> overseen.

Then someone has to take care of the package… You might want to bug the
devref so that it mentions it is better to send both a personal mail and
a mail to the buglog. I wrote to the bug as always, because it gets
archived and because of the publicity. If an “FTBFS” thread is to be
overseen, then it looks like clear that time is lacking, and that
someone has to fix the bugs, but YMMV.

> It is just a question of fairness. And orphaning a package and
> adopting it, without ever written an email to the previous maintainer
> is everything but not fair.

Again, I didn't say anything about adopting or orphaning. Or I can't
read the mails I already sent.

> > I did a mistake by not closing the appropriate bug in the changelog.
> > You can check that by looking at [2] and at the “Source:” line. And
> > there's still no news about the maintainer of grig, which you
> > (Patrick) dropped from the Cc list (along with the original
> > bugreport).
> Yeah, I dropped him from the CC list, because *my* comment was just an
> advise about a common problem (how to do nmus in a sane way) directed
> towards you, not specific about this certain problem.


> As i don't know the history, I cannot say much about it and so I don't
> see a reason to spam the BTS with my comments, hu? I just wanted to
> give you the tipp to follow the best practice, which is documented in
> the developers reference, which seems to make sense.


> Not argueing with you about your nmu or alike.

<[🔎] 20071015134253.GA7469@maggie.lan> looked alike, hence my defense.

And that's my last mail to this thread, since I'm “irritating you a

Cyril Brulebois

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