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Re: RFS: gwyddion - Scanning Probe Microscopy analysis software

On 09/10/2007 06:40 PM, Justin Pryzby wrote :
>> Then I'll use libxxxy-z (=a.b), which should be inserted by the -V option.
> -V should be using >=.
Now after trying to split the libraries, trying to figure out correct
dependecies and having run into several lengthy problems, I discussed a bit
more with upstream. Upstream's (very strong) opinion is, that it is useless
to split the big library package into its parts. These are really useless
for themselves. In the future (Gwyddion 3.x), the libraries will be
reorganized, to allow separate use. But until then, it seems best to keep
them together.
The sonames of the parts will not be changed independently, in fact, they'll
stay at .0 during all the 2.x series of Gwyddion).
So I would like to make use of the policies "may" ("you may lump them all
together into a single shared library package") and keep the libraries in
one package.

Are you, Justin, willing to sponsor this package then, or should I retry
with an updated RFS?

Best Regards,

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