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Re: Sponsor for multipipe


Christopher Zimmermann schrieb:
> I just packaged the small multipipe tool from
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/multipipe.

IANADD but anyways, here are some (hopefully useful) comments:

At first: You would help potential sponsors a lot if you could post more
information about your package / the software you package. Like Author,
Upstream URL, license, etc. You should consider your sponsorship request
as an ad for your package, as such more information on first sight makes
it easier to get some DD to sponsor your upload. But at least should you
point a direct link to the .dsc file so that DD can use dget to get your

Ok, but to go on:
- debian/changelog: You should file an ITP bug for this package and
close this one in the changelog (by adding (Closes: #nnnn))
- debian/copyright: According to the policy this file needs to include
informations about copyright(s), upstream author, upstream location and
license. See Policy 12.5 for more information.
- debian/rules:
  * there is no need to keep the comments derived from the dh-make
  * there are some uncommented entries, like line 38 or 72-83. If you
    don't need them, then don't keep them.
  * using dh_install for the installation of just one binary seems
    to be an overkill. i recommend you to use install instead. you can
    use with -D, then it will also create usr/bin which makes
    debian/dirs and the dh_installdirs call not needed

Best Regards,


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