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lintian .packlist warning and debian/rules modification

I ran debuilder with lintian and received this output (amongst other messages)

E: libhtml-treebuilder-xpath-perl: package-installs-packlist usr/lib/ perl5/auto/HTML/TreeBuilder/XPath/.packlist
N: Packages built using the perl MakeMaker package will have a file named N: .packlist in them. Those files are useless, and (in some cases) have N: the additional problem of creating an architecture-specific directory
N:   name in an architecture-independent package.
N:   They can be suppressed by adding the following to debian/rules:
N:   find debian/tmp -type f -name .packlist | xargs rm -f
N:   -find debian/tmp/usr/lib/perl5 -type d -empty | xargs rmdir -p
N: Or by telling MakeMaker to use vendor install dirs; consult a recent
N:   version of perl policy. Perl 5.6.0-12 or higher supports this.

Google had remarkably little information on this lintian error. But fortunately I had other rules files on my system that had the above command(s) in their rules file so I copied them as much as I could. I placed the previously mentioned find commands under various places in the rules file to no effect (the lintian error kept appearing.)

Below is an example of the output I would receive:


find debian/tmp -type f -name .packlist | xargs -r rm -f
find: debian/tmp: No such file or directory
find debian/tmp -type d -empty | xargs -r rmdir -p
find: debian/tmp: No such file or directory


What I did to finally get rid of this error was to change the command to this:

        # remove .packlist files inserted by MakeMaker
        find . -type f -name .packlist | xargs -r rm -f

I changed the directories find looks in because of the error message from find saying: "No such file or directory" even though the .packlist file existed. (I think that the directory debian/tmp was not being created.)

I then placed the changed code (the line above with my comment) in the install section of the debian/rules file and the lintian error went away! I hope this helps some one else.

If you think I was wrong to do it this way please inform me of the proper way to do it or any changes I should make.


	Jeremiah Foster

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