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Re: RFS: gwyddion - Scanning Probe Microscopy analysis software

Ondrej Certik schrieb am 08.09.2007 14:04 Uhr:
>> Thank you very much for reading until here! Any comments (also on different
>> topics) are very much welcome!
> Thank you for doing the packaging! I didn't know about the program
> before, I just tried your .deb and it looks very good (both the
> packaging and gwyddion). I am looking forward when you resolve the
> rest of technical issues and it hits unstable. I'll point it out to my
> colleagues in Prague who use windows and proprietary programs for
> processing AFM images, to try gwyddion out.
Thanks! This is very much welcome, of course!

> Just curious - what is Czech Metrology Institute using scanning probe
> microscopy techniques for? I always thought metrology institutes are
> predicting weather. :)
> Ondrej
Probably Petr Klapetek <klapetek@gwyddion.net> is the right one to ask
in this question. But you're right - it's an interesting question, which
I did not yet ask them... ;-)

Have a nice weekend,

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