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Re: RFS: drpython (updated package)

On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 01:30:54AM +0200, Luca Falavigna wrote......

> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 165-4
> of my package "drpython".
> It builds these binary packages:
> drpython   - simple and customizable editor for the Python language
> The package appears to be lintian clean.
> The upload would fix these bugs: 347622, 439046

A few things ...

    you need a comma after #347622 so that the #347623
    bug gets picked up and parsed correctly

    what is LP: #96014?

    change to python-support (>= 0.5.3) for Builds-Depends-Indep
    see http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPython/NewPolicy

    add clean-patched to PHONY

debian/patches/12 and 13
    remove unneeded lines ## All lines beginning with `## DP:' are a
    description of the patch.

    You still use Apps, which is now Applications. See:
    This actually generates a lintian warning which i'm surprised
    you didn't pick up on:
    W: drpython: menu-item-uses-apps-section /usr/share/menu/drpython:3


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