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lintian warning: menu-item-creates-new-section Applications/Tools


I am trying to add a menu item for my package password-gorilla. And
because the best place is in Applications\Tools i do wanna place it there:

?package(password-gorilla):needs="X11" section="Applications/Tools"\
  title="password-gorilla" command="/usr/bin/password-gorilla"

Now i get the lintian error:
W: password-gorilla: menu-item-creates-new-section Applications/Tools

N:   The menu item has a line that specifies an unknown section or uses a
N:   section that is intended only as a menu root, not as a section that
N:   applications should use directly. Check the spelling of the section
N:   and check the section against the list in the menu policy. (The menu
N:   sections changed as of June of 2007.)

Why? If I change Applications to be read Apps (which would conform the
menu policy!), then it additional complains that Apps has been renamed
to Applications. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I see that
a lots of other packages do it exactly, like I do.


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