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Re: RFS: steam-powered

* Michael Gilbert <michael.s.gilbert@gmail.com> [2007-09-03 21:38:09 CEST]:
> if someone is willing to package and maintain it, then why not?  i
> thought the goal was for debian to be the universal operating system.
> how can the system be universal if software is refused because it is
> used to run non-dfsg software?  if that is the case, then one should
> reject wine, iceweasel, gcc, and any other software that could be used
> to run non-dfsg software.

 Your example is absolutely flawed because iceweasel's and gcc's main
purpose is *not* to run non-dfsg software.  And IMHO you are right
about wine, because for a start it's not universal, it's arch specific.

 But even then this doesn't get you any further - calling up other
more-or-less bad examples doesn't make yours any better, that's
kindergarden argumentation line.

> as i understand it, to become a debian developer, one has to agree to
> adhere to the social contract

 Yes, but the social contract doesn't regulate where one puts their
effort into.  And some chose not to do so for non-free software, which
is their right and yours to accept it.

 So long,

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