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Re: RFC/RFS: aptjail: Powerful chroot() generator for Debian systems


The description of your project has somehow piqued my curiosity.  But, as Neil 
Williams said, I think you need to explain to us how is it different from 

What can you program do that I couldn't do with a trivial shell script? What 
have you solved that would go beyond triviality?  What have YOU used this 
script for?

BTW, I can't sponsor since I'm not a DD, but maybe I can find an use for it at 

On August 12, 2007 01:05:37 am Kyle Moffett wrote:
> -snip-
> The relevant files are all found at http://moffetthome.net:18888/
> ~kyle/aptjail/  I've got all the outputs of dpkg-buildpackage, as

At 7:55 EAT, this site was not working:

"An error occurred while loading http://moffetthome.net:18888/~kyle/aptjail:
Unknown host hephaestus.moffett.home"

> well as the original source tarball I made ("aptjail-0.01.tar.bz2")
> and an extracted copy in the "aptjail" subdirectory.

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