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Re: Help with wrong upload

On Wednesday 8 August 2007 12:35, Kapil Hari Paranjape wrote:
> I want to avoid over-loading the mirrors because of 20070717-1 being
> propagated. Searching through various documentation I couldn't figure
> out whether there is some way I can do this.
> Is it enough to upload 20070717-2?

Yes, it is. -1 has been propagated to the mirrors already at the most recent 
mirror pulse, but -2 will follow tonight. Only people whose mirror has been 
fully updated and have upgraded their system between now and tonight will 
have the -1 version. Nothing to do about that. Anyone who upgrades after 
tonight will have the -2 version, and the -1 version will be gone as soon as 
the next mirror pulse happens.

There's always but one solution to a buggy upload that you already have 
an "ACCEPTED" mail for: upload a new version.


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