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[ITA] Turkey: looking for a sponsor


I have patched turkey to solve an ftbfs in Ubuntu gutsy (thanks
especially to the work of Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz) and made some
general update and clean up; I attach the patch to this email.
I was told by a Debian QA person that since turkey is currently
orphaned, I could help Debian as well offering to adopt this package.
Bear with me as I'm quite new to Debian, is there a sponsor willing to
help me out with this?
The patch I attach is for Ubuntu, so it needs a couple of (I believe)
minor changes to the changelog and checking of dependancies (as well as
the jvm directory).
The package NEEDS the sun jvm to be able to run properly in gui mode, so
it needs as well to be moved to the non-free archive.

Thanks in advance,

Cesare Tirabassi

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