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Re: ITS: fortunes-ru -- Russian data files for fortune

2007/7/2, Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de>:
Mhm strange the versions are the same. But anyway it should
be standard to test packages on unstable or in unstable
chroot, pbuilder etc.
=== cut ===
denis:~$ apt-cache policy lintian
 Installed: 1.23.32
 Candidate: 1.23.32
 Version table:
*** 1.23.32 0
       500 http://ftp.debian.org unstable/main Packages
       100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
    1.23.31 0
       990 http://ftp.debian.org testing/main Packages
=== cut ===
But all right - last available version must be used.

However I just uploaded your package! For additional
sponsoring just contact me off-list.
I'm very glad! :)

For future package revisions you may want to use dpatch to
modify upstream sources (Makefile) and remove the useless
example header in rules. These are no requirements for me to
sponsor your package but should think about them.

Ok, I'll do that in next revision or when upstream release become.


 Denis Sirotkin

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