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Re: ampache sponsor

Hi Charlie,

On Sunday 1 July 2007 12:43, Charlie wrote:
> Dear mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "ampache".

I've taken a look and have found the following remarks.

* You install under /usr/share/ampache. The webapps
  policy (still draft, but not quite controversial) recommends
  /usr/share/ampache/www. I suggest to change it because
  changing it later can be bothersome.

* Your debconf template reads:
  "Ampache supports any web server that php and mysql does, but this automatic
configuration process only supports Apache2. Please select which apache 
version you want to configure."
  It only supports Apache2 but you can indicate which version to configure?
  That doesn't make sense. You also sometimes write Apache and sometimes

* You depend on php5-common, is that really necessary or already satisfied
  by the other dependencies?

* You depend on dbconfig-common but don't use it.

* debian/copyright reads: "This package was debianized by root

* In debian/rules you do some loops to install your files. Can't you use
  the dh_install call to handle this for you?

Otherwise it generally looks quite ok, thanks for your work!


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