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RFC/RFS: libjmathtex-java

Hi all,

I am looking for comments (and maybe a sponsor) for my package
libjmathtex-java. I already maintain several packages, but this is my
first attempt at packaging a java lib, so please let me know any
suggestions you may have.

* Package name    : libjmathtex-java
  Version         : 0.7pre-1
  Upstream Authors: Kris Coolsaet, Nico Van Cleemput
* URL             : http://jmathtex.sourceforge.net/
* License         : GPL
  Section         : libs

It builds these binary packages:
 libjmathtex-java - TeX and MathML library for Java
 libjmathtex-java-gcj - TeX and MathML library for Java (native code)

 The JMathTeX library provides a set of Java classes for displaying (complex)
 mathematical formulas as part of a Java application. Some use cases are:
  * Displaying text with embedded formulas (in an editor pane, a JavaHelp
    page, ...)
  * Make a combo box which provides the user with a choice between various
  * Have a slider with ticks that display their values not as decimal numbers,
    but as exact values, e.g., fractions, square roots or any combination of
  * Display the formula together with the graph of a function.
 The library uses the typesetting algorithms of the well-known TeX and LaTeX
 systems and therefore displays formulas in a very professional looking way.
 Formulas are Java-objects that can be built from scratch (by combining smaller
 formulas in several ways) and from LaTeX strings. There is also limited
 support for MathML.

dget http://dev.lashout.net/debian/libjmathtex-java_0.7pre-1.dsc

Thanks in advance,
Adriaan Peeters

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