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Re: RFS: inferno

* Nicholas Jefferson <pythonic.consulting@gmail.com> [2007-04-16 12:45]:
> >> * URL             : http://www.vitanuova.com/inferno/
> >Without looking further into your package (which shouldn't
> >be native btw). What is the purpose to package an operating
> >system in debian?
> "Inferno is a compact operating system designed for building
> distributed and networked systems on a wide variety of devices 
> and
> platforms. [...] Inferno can run as a user application on top of 
> an
> existing operating system or as a stand alone operating system."
> Why not?

Really nothing against Inferno, Limbo is great and I love p9 
but I think the user base is a bit too small to justify an 
upload here. I don't see a point in using archive space for 
operation systems if they can be used in qemu for example 

Other opinions?

Kind regards
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