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Re: RFS: newlisp

* Dmitry Chernyak <dmi@feautec.pp.ru> [070406 07:06]:
> newLISP community is looking for a sponsor for package "newlisp".
> [...]
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/n/newlisp/newlisp_9.1.1-2.dsc
> [...]
> I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.

Some problems (haven't looked deeper yet):

- debian/copyright is incomplete.
  - it misses the license for the documentation.
    (The status of the manpages might be a bit problemematic, as
     they could be documentation and thus according to README would be
     GNU FDL, but they include no copy of the license).
    ("F"DL is a ugly license anyway, please ask upstream to at least
     dual-license GPL/GFDL it, then everything should be fine)
  - it misses at least that some code has different authors and licenses
    (at least README lists quite a few, haven't looked at the other sources 
- does not honor DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt
- Some minus signs are not escaped in the manpage
  (run with lintian -I to catch those)
- no debian/menu file (both newlisp and newlisp-tk should be in there)
- newlist-tk should not call mozilla but sensible-browser
  (so that users can specify BROWSER environment variable,
   and otherwise the x-www-browser alternative is used).

Minor nitpicking:

- http://newlisp.org from debian/copyright is no URL without a / at the
  end. Putting the website where the link for the .tar.gz is would also
  be nice, otherwise:
- a debian/watch would be nice (makes it also more easy to download the
  original source to compare it)
- debian/rules is a bit messy, with all the "add here" comments and so

	Bernhard R. Link

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