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Re: Using debconf to notify of serious postinst problems

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Hi Neil,

Neil Williams wrote:

>> Debian, since I am the upstream author too. It seems clear that Debian
>> still wants an original tarball created. Should I strip the "debian"
>> directory from my source code when creating the tarball?
> Yes. If this package has any prospect of being useful outside Debian,
> create an upstream location (SourceForge etc.) and REMOVE debian/ from
> the distributed tarball. It is fine to keep debian/ in
> CVS/SVN/whatever - you can always use that for your own packaging.

Super, thanks for clearing that up. I have my own upstream location I
can use, and I'll add such tarballs there.

>> 2. Using debconf to notify in postinst
>> Part of the install is to create a database with given credentials and
>> import a schema. I have debconf prompting for values and I'm
>> successfully using these in the postinst script.
> There are handlers for this kind of operation - take a look at the
> source code for serendipity as an off-the-cuff example.

Just downloaded the .deb initially to look in the control directory.
That's a very interesting example, I'll certainly look more closely
since it's been quite a massive PITA implementing this will shell script
piping to mysql. Thanks for that. I'm looking through the source now.

>> Any help is welcome, the full source is visible here:

> You should provide the location to the build .dsc file normally, Debian
> is not usually concerned with creating a package from your CVS, the
> package is built from a tarball that you build/export from your CVS.

Thanks, I understood that, I just haven't uploaded the .deb .dsc files
anywhere yet, I wanted to resolve the above issues first.

Thanks again for that,

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