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Re: debian/prerm is executed on *reconfigure*?

schönfeld / in-medias-res.com schrieb:
> Hi mentors,
> hi Dpkg developers,
> i could need some help with a bug that has been reported to be in one of
> my packages. According to #408823 my package removes a configuration
> file when dpkg-reconfigure is invoked. I'm really wondering about this,
> because that means that dpkg invokes my prerm script if it is called
> with dpkg-reconfigure.
> Is this behaviour of dpkg correct? If it is. What do i need to do, so
> that my prerm script does not cause harm, when called during this stage?
> Thanks in advance and best regards
> Patrick

There is a very good documentation from Margarita [1] (besides the one
Justin already mentioned)
I'd suggest you read that carefully.


[1] http://women.debian.org/wiki/English/MaintainerScripts

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