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Re: Bug#414477: dtc config ask for mysql login/pass, and it's useless on debian

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> Package: dtc
> Severity: important
>   have a look at /etc/mysql/debian.cnf.
>   also consider using dbconfig-common to do simple mysql manipulations,
> as you are duplicating a lot of work here (In a bad way).
>   Note that this is debconf abuse and could even be serious IMHO.

I have thought about it, and I have some questions in my mind.

1/ What if the server is REMOTE and not localhost? Is it correct to
check against "localhost" as a reply (and then don't ask for a password
if the answer is localhost)? To me this sounds wrong as the user could
have enter the FQDN of the local computer instead of localhost, so this
would not be a correct test.

2/ If there is a mysql proxy installed on localhost, then I should as
well check for the existence of the /etc/mysql/debian.cnf, correct?

3/ Can the user "debian-sys-maint" be used all the time by my package,
or should I create a new user with the MySQL root access? Don't you
think it's confusing to the user if so? Remember that my package do not
only need to have the root access for the setup of it's database, but as
well at runtime as it will create databases for all it's users.

I need an answer to all these before I can do the correct patch.

This bug report reply is as well sent to debian-mentors@lists.debian.org
in the hope to have some DD opinions.


P.S: dbconfig-common is too much Debian specific and it wont be an
available package on other Unix systems like FreeBSD or OSX, so we can't
really use it.

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