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RFS: predictive - text autocompletion package for Emacs

Hi everyone! I would like to request for a sponsor of my predictive package.
'predictive' is useful not only for text editing but also can be useful for
other major modes like, for example, LaTeX. The following are the package

 Package name   : predictive
 Version        : 0.16.3-1
 Upstream author: Toby Cubitt <toby-predictive@dr-qubit.org>
 URL            : http://www.dr-qubit.org/emacs.php
 License        : GPL
 Section        : text 
 Package URL    : http://proyekto.unpluggable.com/debian/unstable

An upload will also close the ITP bug #412919. I hope someone will sponsor it.
If you have questions please, just let me know.

Thank you.


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