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Re: RFS: docbook-xsl 1.72.0.dfsg.1-1 and docbook2x 0.8.7-1

Am Dienstag, den 27.02.2007, 23:27 +0900 schrieb Charles Plessy:
> Le Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 02:01:52PM +0100, Daniel Leidert a écrit :
> > Hi,
> > 
> > My regular sponsor seems to be in vacation, so I ask for someone else,
> > who uploads the following packages to Debian (experimental):
> > 
> > docbook-xsl 1.72.0.dfsg.1-1
> > http://debian.wgdd.de/debian/incoming/packages/docbook-xsl_1.72.0.dfsg.1-1_i386.changes
> Hi Daniel,
> One of the many things which distinguishes Debian compared to other
> projects is that we write manpages when the upstream package does not
> contain some.
> I never was brave enough to monitor the dockbook-xsl package to see if
> there are important changes relevant to the manpages I wrote in
> dockbook.
> Do you think that you could write a "For those who care about manpages"
> mail from time to time ?

I'm currently writing a make-snippet to be included into debian/rules
(similar to dpatch.make) to allow easier processing and inclusion of
manpage XML sources into Debian packages. If you are interested in the
results, contact me (it is not yet in the Debian XML/SGML group's CVS
repository). I'm open for any suggestions (e.g. how to enable support
for both, DocBook XML and SGML - manpage.xml, manpage.sgml, foo.1.xml,
foo.1.<lang>.xml and similar). ATM the snippet support DocBook XML and
xmlto and xsltproc (docbook2x-man will be supported soon, after having a
feature like the one enabled with man.output.lang.in.name.enabled).

Regards, Daniel

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