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Re: BALLView: new package version

Andreas Tille wrote:
To stop the cross-list posting I include only mentors (please CC
me, I'm not subscribed):  Did I understand current freeze state
right that uploads to unstable will not be moved to testing automatically
any more only by manual intervention of ftpmaster or should we
rather continue with the upload to experimental target which
would be really boring, thought.  I just would like to go for
an upload to unstable.

there is still the issue with the code, that is currently not available under the GPL or LPGP, therefore our project leader asked my to delay the upload, until this is solved. This may mean that this code has
to be reimplemented...

In the meantime we will work on a new release, that will provide some exciting features, like new minimizers and maybe even some conformer functionality.

Of course, I would also prefer an upload to unstable, maybe the additional maturation time will ease this

Best regards

Andreas Moll

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